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We really appreciate your interest in this presentation. It conveys our approach, values, capabilities, operations and market presence as an Indian leather exporter.

Care has been taken to address the questions that buyers are likely to ask. We have tried to cover possible problems areas and their solution. Means to minimise exception handling have been suggested.

In case you feel that a point is not covered here, please write to us.

1. We offer ... 2. Objective of presentation
A passion for excellence
Superior customer or client service
Constant innovation
Full use of the abilities of every company employee

and, of course, leather small goods.

To convey our sense of KYOSEI -- the Japanese term for Spirit of Cooperation in which individuals & organizations live and work together for the common good
To highlight the salient points of SHAMROCK and why it is different
To understand and resolve any problems that you may have faced with companies from India.

3. ??? Questions you probably have
What is an Irish name doing in India?
What does this company do?
How good are they?
What kind of products do they offer?
Can they be part of our TEAM?

4. Me, Robin Das Gupta 5. Why the Irish connotation
Graduate in Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics
Associated with leather since birth
Started working in a tannery as an ordinary worker
I was born & brought up in Ireland
My father, Mr Debansu Das Gupta, is a renowned leather technologist
SHAMROCK is a symbol of Unity and TeamWork

6. The organization chart
People - functions - responsibilities

7. Sales growth
Sales in '000 INR Column chart of annual sales

8. Exports by country
For the year 2002-03
France 1.1 %
Germany 13.8 %
Holland 15.3 %
Iceland 6.0 %
New Zealand 1.0 %
Norway 17.4 %
Sweden 43.1 %
UK 1.0 %
USA 1.3 %

9. Products 10. Leather used
In summary, the wallet (aka billfold and note case) and bag range is wide.
Always popular: card holder, key case, coin purse, office organizer/ folder/ writing case, pouch/belt bag, ladies frame purse.
Other miscellaneous product lines on display are folio bag, toilet bag, luggage tag, telephone cover, leather shopping bag, office portfolio.
We also make custom products not covered here.
We have started marketing both men's and ladies footwear
Plan to expand into leather upholstery are under way.
Cow Vegetable - Leather produced using environmentally friendly technology of vegetable extracts instead of chrome powder. Similar to the Italian Leathers
Cow Nappa - Nappa means soft, leather is soft and smooth to touch
Cow Glazed - Glazed is based on protein finish to give the leather a natural look
Cow Saliba - A Semi Chrome leather with a natural break and smooth touch
Cow PDM - A Chrome leather with dry mill impression on it
Buff Glazed - The Indian Buffalo, with a fine surface and smooth natural appearance
Buff Resin - The Indian Buffalo, with a glossy surface

11. Accessories
Fabric lining from cotton to satin can be procured. Logo on lining needs a minimum of 1000 metres
Dyes used are azo free.
We use the best quality zips in India.
Antique metal fittings are easily available. Golden & other fittings tarnish in Calcutta's environment.
Import is still a problem. India is building its forex reserves and is conservative in the outflow of foreign exchange. There is complex duty structure so an import can be expensive. On the other hand, if the client wants to send an accessory or leather for use in his order, then the documentation must be correct and, as it will be supplied by the customer, it does not involve the out flow of valuable foreign exchange.

12. Standard colours 13. Leather hiccups
Dark brownDeep Brown

We can match any colour as closely as possible to your shade.

In any colour, the preferred order would consume at least 700 sq ft

Colour swatch provided is small
Monsoon from June to September: The Indian tanning industry depends on the sunlight to dry leather. During the rains, leather takes more time to dry, so there can be a delay in the delivery of the leather.
Color Variations: Variation in the size of the hide leads to slight variations in colour due the unequal chemical absorption. So a batch of leather may differ from an earlier batch of the same colour. Some tolerance has to be allowed.
Approval time is long

14. Workflow of a finished product
Columns show Activity duration, Activity Description, and Elapsed time

4 weeks 4.0 weeks    Order leather from tannery, Inspect leather
4.5 weeks 0.5 weeks    Cut components, Give material to fabricator
6.5 weeks 2.0 weeks    Fabricator finishes product
7.5 weeks 1.0 weeks    Final inspection
8 weeks 0.5 weeks    Despatch to customer

In summary, the expected time for order completion is approx. 8 weeks.

15. Order handling 16. A Bakery, NO !!
Leather is ordered if not in stock
Order confirmation is sent
Sample sent for approval, if required
When the leather arrives, other materials are bought (JIT)
After cutting, components and materials given to fabricators
Airline space booked for scheduled despatch
The major ingredient, leather, is normally not readily available
If leather is in stock, delivery can be effected in 4 weeks
Leather Goods are hand made, to rush would be a big mistake The manufacture of the leather goods has to follow certain procedures. Stitching requires a good amount of concentration and to rush can lead to crooked stitching.
Urgent production can be taken up

17. Key to quick production & delivery
Leather is available in stock
Sample approval time is swift

18. Fabricators 19. Sampling
We have 50 fabricators
Each fabricator has a minimum of 5 groups
Each group can handle 100 pieces
Fabricators have a telephone
Constant visit to fabricators by our staff
Average wallet takes 10 days to assemble
Always a priority
Difficult to quote against a sketch
Logos take at least 10 days to be made
Prefer to do samples in leather at hand for design approval
Can take time depending on the design involved
We are constantly working on new models and with new leathers

20. Pricing 21. Quotation
Leather is 60% to 70% of the price
Leather price in India is independent of the world. At times, the price of raw hides falls in certain parts of the world leading to a global impact but, the Indian market is unaffected. This may be due to the fact of a part of the Indian population which consumes the meat of Cow and Buffalo.
Quantities & freight can have an equation
How competitive can we make the price
Price of cow is arount Rs 60 to 70 per sq.ft. while buff is Rs 50 per sq.ft.
Prefer to quote in US Dollars
CIF by air
Avoid sea. We are not comfortable in sending products by sea. At times, the high content of salt in the sea air can have an adverse effect on the leather. Export formalities by sea are much more complicated than by air.
Assume that minimum order will have a weight of 100 kg

22. Communication 23. Information we provide
We try to reply to fax or email in 24 hours
Staff is linked with pagers/cellular phones
Most of the fabricators have a telephone
No matter how bad the news may be, we will give it to you
False information is never provided
SHAMROCK is transparent
Leather stock position
The position of your order on a weekly basis
Follow-up on the cargo till it reaches you
Sample details and courier up-dates
Price of products as requested on an immediate basis

24. Complaints 25. How do we achieve quality
Complaints and mistakes vital for growth
Eyes & ears are always open
Problems are never ignored
Leather made under our technical guidance
Fabricators are paid high rates
Constant interaction between tanner, SHAMROCK, fabricators & customers

26. Indian environment
A developing country: The Government encourages the industry to grow and to use materials which are indigenous. Import policies are not very liberal. Today, a sort of a balance has been struck regarding import duties and, in a way, they are not so high as a few years ago. One must always bear in mind the protective attitude of a developing country. A bureaucratic structure does not allow quick decisions. One has to be patient.

As mentioned earlier, the country's foreign exchange is precious. There are restrictions in the out flow of foreign currencies. Opening Letter of Credits or payment of commission involves a lot of paper work and can sometimes take time. It is not as in Western countries where one can, over the phone, transfer a few thousand dollars or pounds.

27. SHAMROCK is a business partner
You are not treated as a customer but part of the family
We understand your needs and care for them
Our products are made keeping your needs in mind
We are professional and reliable

whenever you think of leather think of SHAMROCK

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